FAQ Wedding Photography


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FAQ Wedding Photography

Guarantee yourselves unforgettable moments in another city.

Getting a photographer to come to another location does not have to involve high costs.

Planning in advance allows us to to make almost „everything possible“.

Here we have collected the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you

So how does the photo shoot take place?

In our first talk we’ll go through your wishes and ideas together
and we’ll take a look at how we’ll be able to realise them.
Speaking from experience, it is important that the bridal couple has
the feeling of being in good hands and can trust the photographer.

Do you have any recommendations for further services?

With pleasure we can recommend other services.

Do you also accompany couples abroad?

Occasionally we accompany couples abroad.
A wedding photo shoot in a foreign country should be planned
a few months in advance, so that all organizational questions can
be answered and all details for each particular occasion
can be fine-tuned to your wishes and dreams.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your personal wedding package.

FAQ Wedding Photography


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